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roethlisberger wrote -- baltimore loses. and the steelers still without ben roethlisberger. in baseball, a great afternoon for the phillies. they win in the bottom of the ninth. right here, jayson werth, and the phillies win, 7-6. philadelphian independence. two overtimes, no score, and then in the 120th minute, rodriguez's scores, and they beat washington, 1-0. .the notre dame michigan state game last night on abc 7. they went into overtime hot, and there was a call on a fake field goal that led to a touchdown and a michigan state way. after it, the coach suffered a heart attack and had to go into surgery. he is not expected to return to his team anytime soon. and we are tied right now. >> >>> a quick look at the extended outlook, it could hit 90 degrees wednesday, thursday, friday, and we are just one day shy for the most 90-degree days my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2. or maybe 8? my "me time" is when there's a 10% chance of rain! [ cellphone rings ] my "me time" is when he doesn't get the hint. ♪ my "me time"... [ bang ] is when everybody's takin' shots at me. [ male anno
coverage comes your way 6:30 here on wjz. >>> steelers qb ben roethlisberger had his penalty reduced. the four games roth roethlisberger will include a meeting with the ravens in pittsburgh october 21st. >>> andal and tampa bay is in town. matt garza said he would come to baltimore with his hair on fire and stuff it down their throats. well, garza kept his word. played very well against the o's. they talk the talk and walk the walk. 4-1 final, the o's have lost the series. returning along volley through her legs. it's dangerous but effective. she's advanced to the ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> here's a sight you probably never thought you would see. two goats had been stuck on a ledge for several hours. they say the goats are a little dehydrated but hungry but other wise they are fine. >>> okay, a memphis woman might have a good reason not to take the rings off her fingers again. diane buckles cat snuck into the bathroom and knocked her four carat engagement and wedding ring into the toilet. one more flush would have sent the ring to the city ,,,,,,,,,,, >>> letterman is next with to
. without their biggest player. roethlisberger hey are 3-0. that kind of surprisee a lot of people. john harbaugh was not among them. he reminds us thatthe has been saying all along that the steelers were not to be overlookkd. >> this is darn good foot fall -eam. they have great defense, and they have a great running game. their specialty is much improved. we are not urprised they're 3-0. >> they desire to play he game ú%e way we want to play the ball. they bring thh best out in us. we love playing agginst them. regardless of what happens inn3 the stadium, you are going to know more about yourself after having played the baltimore ravens. >> you can expect the same from the steelers, coach mike tom lynn says he will remain his ú%arting quarterback. ú%e 33 years old backup has thrown 3 ouchdowns and three interceptions against the ravens of all tiie. this starts the 3rd wwek of the roethlisberger suspension. -owson university will sphwroa %-he replaces mark hermann whod. resigned this summer. sad news from the racing newss real quiet, who barely won a triple crown, trained by bob a
for the refuel of the rivalry. without the big star roethlisberger, steelers are 3-0. last week with batch at the ú%ntrols. bay team thought to be vastly surprised some people. the john harbaugh was not among them. -e reminds you he has been saying ll along steelers should >> this is darn good football team. they have a great defense. they have a great rrnning game. they have dangeeoos wide receivers. special teams are much improved. we are noo surprised that they we are playing the game. >> they play ball the way we desire to play. that's what makes the match up special. we have a great deal of respect for the outfit. they bring the best out in us. we love to play against them. regardless of what happened in the stadium you will know more about yourrelf after playing the ravens. >> you can expect more of the same from pittsburg. coach tomlin said batch will remain the starting quarterback. last week against the bucs he threw three touchdowns. and 3 interceptions all time against the ravens. this marks the roethlisberger suspension week. >> steelees are point and a half favorites. towson
quarterback ben roethlisberger got a six game suspension after a sexual assault investigation in georgia. will he be stuck on the bench for the whole stretch? the nfl commissioner's decision coming up on "the fox report." desperate for nighttime heartburn relief? for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. and for the majority of patients with prescription coverage for nexium, it can cost $30 or less per month. headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain are possible side effects of nexium. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. ask your doctor if nexium can help relieve your heartburn symptoms. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> the coast guard reporting it has not found any signs of an oil leak after the latest incident at an oil platform in the gulf. early reports described it as an explosion. although the company now says it was more of a fire. whatever it was, it sent all 13 rig workers into the water. they got out safely. adam housley with the news live in new orleans. adam, any word about what caused
day for somebody. >> the ravens haveo cut their roster by saturday. ben roethlisberger expected to meet with the commissioner on friday. he will ask him to reduce the suspension to three games. a more realistic scenario is that the suspension will be dropped down to four games. this could affect the ravens. they are scheduled to meet tomorrow in new york. the college football season begins tonight. towson place indiana. this is a big step up. good luck to the tigers'. >> thank you. i don't see any purple. we will not talk about that the quest that is the rule. >> here is a look ahead tour next hour. >> dozens of turtles return to the gulf of mexico. inaugural grand prix is expanding. >> people in a solid dark through bones of fire at each other. >> things are pretty quiet weather-wise this morning. stay with us. stay with us. as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against th
will have to serve. he was informed he only has to serve a four weeks' suspension -- roethlisberger has to sit out the first month for violating policy. he will have to sit out the first game in pittsburgh. dennis dixon will start at quarterback. orioles manager buck showalter wants to see as much of the teams it young talent as possible in the last month of the season. chris tillman will start against tampa bay. nationals outfielder nyjer war and was suspended for eight games for this incident, charging the mound -- nyjer morgan. the florida picture also faces a six-game suspension. that is a big leak take down. the forecast is straight ahead. >> earl has come and gone and is now turning to the north. we will show you what it did at ocean city. a preview of the sold-out justin bieber concert slated for sunday night at the maryland state >> earl is moving off the coast. we are also getting reports tonight on the other side of the world a major earthquake down in new zealand at christ church. we'll probably hear more about that as we go over the next 24 hours or so. around here, a much q
will start on september 12 and he said the nfl would suspend ben roethlisberger 5 games. several newspapers picked up on his tweaks and attributed the information to wise. then he revealed that the swedes were not true and that the bagel think up while on the radio. -- that he made the whole thing .pp >> it was unprofessional. >> he said he hopes that he has not damaged the credibility of the newspaper or is own. >> integrity is the only thing gender and journalists have left in this world. it pains me to say that my irresponsible experiment has cost me a chance of my own credibility today. >>> still to come in our next hour or, making waves, hurricane earl is during a the atlantic and the east coast is bracing for whatever the storm has in store. >> tonight i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. >> the dawn of a new day in iraq. >> bigness to tell you about out of redskins park, but france should expect the final week of the preseason. good morning washington at 5:00 begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. morning w
-related nuggets. on the helipad. steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger met with nfl commissioner roger goodell this morning. as expected the commissioner reduced his suspension from six games to four. roethlisberger will be eligible to play october 17th against the browns. >>> good news, but this doesn't help. byron leftwich, who was expected to start in big ben's absence will reportedly miss two to 4 weeks with a sprained mcl. >>> 18th ranked north carolina will be without 12 players. six of them starters for their season-opening game against number 21 lsu. one of those guys is marvin austin, a d.c. native. he's a big-time defensive lineman. he is a potential first round pick. those players have violated ncaa and team rules. some of them could be out for several games, so that's a tough break for the north carolina football team. >> and how do other high school football teams who are not your alma mater get you interested? >> this actually has nothing to do with me. he said there were some good plays from mcgruder game. instead it was damascus. >> all right. thank you, dan. >>> coming up next
quarterback ben roethlisberger got off easy? kind of leaning that way. he'll be back on the field sooner than expected. nfl commissioner roger goodell has reduced his suspension from six regular season games to four. goodell was reportedly pleased with progress roethlisberger is making off the field. roethlisberger was suspended for violating the league's personal conduct policy after being accused though not charged and that's important to note of sex assault by a georgia college student. again, no criminal charges were filed against big ben. at the u.s. open meanwhile in new york, number one men's seed rafael nadal in action in the second round. nadal had a little early problem but then he moved on for a straight set win. earlier in arthur ashe stadium, third seed venus williams cruising past mandy manilla of luxombourg to advance to round four. and remember this brawl in baseball between the nationals and marlins? boy, if you haven't seen it, watch. it's outstanding. player who charged the mound, nats center fielder niger morgan has been suspended for eight games. the florida starter was s
roethlisberger suspended by the nfl over an accusation of sexual misconduct would be out for five games. he did it for his washington radio show to show how "anybody will print anything and the twitter posting was picked up by several newspapers and sports sites carefully attributed to wise. he later apologized on the air. >> i made a horrendous mistake using my twitter account. i'm sorry essentially to the good smart people at the best place i've ever worked. >> soon after the "washington post" suspended him for one month, i sat down with him here in the studio. >> mike wise, welcome. >> thank you. >> i got to start with the jay leno question of hugh grant. what the hell were you thinking? >> i was thinking what the heck. i'll detonate my career over a stupid radio stunt. no, in reality, it was one of those netherworlds between at the time i'm in the radio studio, i'm not thinking washington post columnist. i'm thinking radio bit and we're going to see if this, would. and one of the things, a painful lesson of this is you're everywhere at once and irrespective of which medium you're using -- >
last summer but we do what i thought about them ross + berger. -- ben roethlisberger. you do not even remember, do you? i said they would be good no matter who would be the quarterback. they have a great defense. they have a great running game. they have dangerous wide receivers. their special teams are much improved. we are not surprised with the three-zero, but we do not care. >> more with john harbaugh tonight on wbal +. that will be tonight at 10:00 p.m. on 11-2, 208 on comcast, or channel 460 on verizon. sad news for the horse racing world. the worst that came within a nose of winning the triple crown fell and broke his neck yesterday. his moment with almost history ended one knows shy of the 1998 belmont when he became a nose shy of the beating victory gal but -- victory gallop. he is dead at the age of 15. >> the orioles trying to hold off the raise in celebrating. if they can beat tampa bay again tonight and boston can avoid losing, the tampa bay devil rays will have to tone down their celebration. they had 13,000 fans there last night. go figure. i am gerry sandusky biggest a
yards. pittsburgh moves to 3-0. ben grubbs is murdered -- ben roethlisberger watching from the side. >> the orioles would love to get a win. they cannot get one for north of the border. the 14th straight loss at rogers center. 5-2 this afternoonn. --afternoon. 1-0, toronto, in front to stay. john mcdonald comes to the plate and delivers a t w o -- a two- run single. >> dover, delaware, nascar sprint up. it is the monster mile. jimmie johnson took the pole on friday and followed that up to date. he has dominated. he has won the last four races. denny hamlin finished 9th but stays in the point lead. jimmie johnson is back in second place with eight races to go in the chase. >> 2-1 for the ravens after this afternoon's win. stick around for the forecast right after this. old gibbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric mot
in philadelphia philadelphia. so that's 15 games in total. the nfl announced today that ben roethlisbergers has been reduced from six games to four for good behavior. he was disciplined following sexual assault allegations this spring. he can come back october 17th against the browns. >>> based on the fact that practically none of the guys that will start against the cowboys next sunday started in the preseason finale against arizona or played in the game. here's what we take away from the loss last night. nothing. however, one interesting note regarding who did play last night. namely hanes worst. in a game where the stars pretty much all got to rest, shanahan made big al play all four quarters and practically every defensive snap. an the round mound of frown was none too pleased about it. he refused to talk after the game. although the coach did. >> we have to get him playing time so he can get in football shape an i have to look at the film to tell you how he played but that's one of the reason he plays defensive and tackle position. we have to get him as good as he can be and get in footbal
in overtime 15-9. without their quarterback, big ben roethlisberger serving thato four-game suspension. >>> did you see this ay? end of the lions/bears game. such nonsense. bears up 19-14, 31 seconds left. a jump ball to calvin johnson, looks like a touchdown with 24 seconds that wthill win the gam for the lions, start the season aood note. one down, two down. knee down, arm down, butt down, everything down in the end zon he's on his way up to start his celebration. they called it incomplete. an incomplete pass. check t the replay. appears to have full control. he did hit the turf with the ball, it came loose. the refs kept the ruling on the field that it was an incompletes pass. the lions lost the game 19-14. that was a touchdown. how do you look at it that way? >>> coming up on "morning joe," newt gingrich, well, he says president obama's world view has an unamerican influence. specifically a kenyan-c anti-colonial influence. we will dissect mr. gingrich's comments ahead. >>> and when wecome back here, around the le up water cooler where i hate to say this out loud whether have to sa
in the league. plus pittsburgh doesn't have roethlisberger. and if rice is unable to play, it is likely, meaning a busy day for mcgahee. he's heard all the talk about what a defensive struggle this game figures to be. mcgahee welcomes the challenge. >> no doubt about it. they are going to talk the talk, we're going to walk the walk for them. that's just it. >> reporter: the ravens made an unexpected roster move to add safety ken hamlin to the roster. but after they made the move, coach said it's likely price will be added back to the rest r roster back in the season. the ravens head to pittsburgh and you can see that game right here coverage kicking off at 1:00 and we continue when the game is over. it's our post game show, a full day of ravens. in baseball the orioles played the final road game of the season. in tampa bay, has clenched a playoff berth and they padded their home field advantage tonight handing out 20,000 free tickets. all of those tickets were claimed, it made for a crowd of 37,000. thanks to starting pitcher, his best. 7 shut out innings. 7 strike outs. top of the 7th, line dri
hizzingeddable -- his ankle and ben roethlisberger serves the final game of his four game suspension. we're still wacko for flacco. >> you can't cook without rice, your golden with boldin. >> and they'll face the steelers and they're back on wjz-13. you can see the game sunday at 1:00 on the big 13 and the game is followed by the wjz-13 post game show. then, it's marty and the bulldog live in canton. a big day of football talk, live, here, wjz-13. >>> and still to come on wjz-13 eyewitness news at noon. roadblocks to peace. why talks are on the verge of falling apart. and we'll have the complete first warning weather forecast coming up. [ female announcer ] remember this promise? [ man ] martin o'malley -- taking on bg&e to stop the rate hikes. [ female announcer ] never happened -- your bill went up 72%. and o'malley gave the bureaucrat who approved the rate hike a huge raise. now martin o'malley promises we're moving forward. the fact of the matter is our economy is doing much better now. [ female announcer ] really? nearly 7,000 marylanders lost their jobs last month. four years ago, martin o'
roethlisberger and the -- may be without their -- it seems uncertain if rice will be play on thursday. he suffered the injury when he was brought down in that play with the browns yesterday. the good news is the exam showed no ligament damage. >> injuries are a big part of the deal. and hopefully we have positioned ourselves with good football players to overcome them. and that's proven itself already, but randy rice is a good player and we would sure rather have him. >> reporter: the ravens have a date on sunday. immediately after the action is complete, our coverage continues. join us sunday all live on wjz13. >>> final week of the baseball season for the orioles opening a season of tampa bay tonight and the os want to avoid being part of a party. manager watches this one in the press box. show walter suspended a game yesterday. the lefty mowed down a lineup. struck out 8 batters in the process. so the os didn't need many runs. the first on this shot to right center field to the wall, run scoring triple, that snaps a 4 game losing streak and puts the party on hold at least for now. they
't done your draft yet. roethlisberger and suspension reduced to four games. big ben was supposed to be suspended for six. opening round of the championship justin leonard can keep the putter in the bag on 18. zach johnson and day are tied. of course the closer brian wilson takes the extra point. number three arizona and toledo. comes down with it. beats toledo 41-2. nyjer morgan was suspended. and your number one play of the night. heading to the round of 16 for the open. lit be hard to top this shot. she does her best rouge earn federer im-- roger freder impression. you can see him at 11:00 that's when the u.s. open starts. eight hours from now. >> yeah. why don't we stay up? all nighter. there we go. >> we'll be right back. ,, [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in, you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton. [ brakes hiss ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your iphone when you get at&t u-verse tv. labor day mattress sale!
- man. >>> steelers' qb, ben roethlisberger had a suspens by nfl commissioner roger goodell. goodell says roethlisberger has committed to showing improved behavior after accusations of sexual assault in march. the four games he misses will include a meeting with the ranks in pittsburgh -- ravens, in pittsburgh, october 3rd. >>> coming up monday, navy and maryland will butt heads in the season opener for both teams. it's the first meeting between the two since they played at the stadium. tight game. 2010 terps were fired up. >>> i mean, the whole state is excited about it. you can't go anywhere. i think it's ready for the state. >> exciting. get back on track. last season ended, you know, pretty bad. and as a senior, you know, me and adrian, the linebackers, we're trying to get it back on. >> now, navy is considered the visiting team in monday's game. mids have beaten the terps in 14 of 20 meetings of all time. they'll kick it off on labor day at 4:00. more at 6:00. see you then. >>> still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. >>> late this afternoon, the outer bands of hurricane
on monday night. plenty of tickets still available for that one. steelers' quarterback ben roethlisberger met yesterday and as expected, the commissioner reduced his suspension from six games to four. roethlisberger eligible to play on october 17th against the browns. good news. but this doesn't help who is expected to start in big ben's absence will miss two to four weeks with a sprained acl. north carolina will be without 12 players, six of them starters for a season opener. the players have been suspended for violating school and or ncaa rules. one of them has a potential first round pick marvin austin, a stud on the defensive lean. hopefully he's able to come back soon. that's your morning sports. i'm dan hellie. everybody, have a great weekend. >> thank you, dan. what are the chances of people who thought they are not going to travel because of the storm? >> get gone. >> pack up and get going? >> have at it. it's going to be wonderful at the beaches. if you're not going to the beaches, it's going to be wonderful here too. >>> we're going to be back in 25 minutes with another local ne
to an arrest. >>> also, nfl superstar quarterback ben roethlisberger was sus pinneded for six games. now it will be four. the quarterback was investigated earlier this year if allegation of sexual assault. he was cleared of criminal wrong doing. never charged. but the nfl slapped him with a six game suspension for what it called detrimental conduct. the league reduced the suspension by two games yesterday saying roethlisberger is keeping his commitment to make better decisions. >>> i don't know if i have decided yet if i'm going to hang out in downtown atlanta this weekend. alien, all kinds of weird things running around. why? it's called world's largest gathering of science fiction enthusiasts. it's attracting tree churs from a creatures from all corners. this is our producer, but you're kind of into this stuff. did you dress up when you went yesterday? >> when i said to people at the network that i thought we should cover this this weekend, i really think we need a presence, all they wanted to know is are you going dress up, are you cra crazy, right? this is a nerd convention. >> do th
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roethlisberger. this was expected, however. he went from being suspended six games to now four games. this was after some allegations of sexual assault when he was suspended. no charges have ever been filed against him. roethlisberger says that he has learned a lot over the past several months. >>> also, it was in fact arson. that's according to the atf. this is the result they've come up with after that fire in a tennessee mosque construction site. this is in murfreesboro. you've been seeing a lot about this mosque because a lot of people have been protesting the building of this mosque here. the fire happened last week. the atf determined that some accelerants were used. construction equipment was burned. the investigation continues. 24 minutes past the hour. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time... time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. hi, may i help you? yes, i hear progressive has lots of discounts on car insura
to prison for crimes. we're also talking about ben roethlisberger. obviously he was accused of rape. kobe bryant back after being accused of rape. double standard? >> everything is evolving. kobe bryant was not convicted. ben roethlisberger was not tried. so there are issues there regarding the justice system, which is most important here. roethlisberger 27 years old. he's been suspended. he's going to come back. if the steelers play well -- i don't think all will be forgotten but he's got to change his behavior as well. bottom line, contracts with corporate america and endorsers. they're shorter and smaller and easier to terminate. that's not because of one athlete or one incident. that is because of the general malaise we have see out there. >> rick, thank you for joining us. good luck with all your football picks today. >>> big changes how you get the health care. the new reforms kick in this week affecting your coverage and wallet. at the top of the hour we're going to break it down. >>> first another quick quiz about the "forbes" richest americans. one of these people is tied for the
roethlisberger's suspension by two games. he could return to the field as early as october 17th. the nfl suspended roethlisberger in april for violating the league's personal conduct policy. the quarterback was accused but not charged in a sexual assault. >>> the federal government is suing controversial maricopa county, arizona, sheriff joe arpaio. they say they're fed up with his refusal to cooperate in an investigation of how they treat illegal immigrants. tensions over the investigation have led to scene likes this one, angry confrontations between deputies and protesters. that was the very end of july when the law first implemented. at a news conference yesterday, arpaio said he thought the lawyers were cooperating. he says the actions make it abundantly clear that arizona, including this sheriff, is washington's new whipping joy. sheriff, good to talk to you. >> yeah, thank you. >> the justice department says it's issued 51 different requests asking for documents and they say that your office has pretty much ignored them. >> well, you know, my lawyers have been dealing with the off
as well, chris. >> mike viqueira, thank you. >>> we just got this in, ben roethlisberger's suspension reduceded from six games to four by nfl's commissioner. that means the pittsburgh steelers' quarterback can return to the game october 17th against cleveland. roethlisberger met with the nfl commission they are morning. he had been suspended in april for violating the league's personal conduct policy. he had been accused of sexually assaulting a college student following a night of drinking in a georgia bar in march. he was never charged. >>> just sought of the nation's capital, near the mouth of the potomac river, look at this. a maryland man caught an eight-foot-long shark. willie dean, the man who captured the beast, was actually trying to net a stingray. this is a bull shark. national geographic says it is one of the most dangerous sharks in the world and i don't care i would not be putting my hands into his mouth. however dead he is. it is not going there, right? >> right. >> yeah. >>> actor and comedian jerry lewis is lashing out at young star lets in hollywood. he is not holdin
mostly on the running back. without the starting quarterback, ben roethlisberger, the steelers count on mendonhall. >> tep cal big guy. make all the cuts, can get physical and can run on the perimeter. he's a really good back. >> their whole run thing period. they have a real big offensive line. they like to get on people. you watch a couple of games. a couple of big runs against atlanta. you kind of see things that could have been corrected. they do do a good job running the ball. >> ray lewis left a mark. his hit broke the running back's shoulder. hard hit. that's what the ravens and steelers are known for. coverage kicking off sunday at 1:00. our coverage will continue when the game is over. it's a full ravens sunday, and it's coming your way. >>> the orioles play their final road game of the year. they're at tampa bay where the rays are offering 20,000 free tickets to see a team that clinched a playoff berth last night. they were told by buck showalter to get the celebration to get a sense of what success can bring. adam jones struck out to end it. the second post season trip in
the successive games in 2005 and ben roethlisberger was sidelined because of his behavior and meantime, the ravens are preparing for an unfriendly venue. it will be tough and exciting. that's what you get for it. we can't wait to be a part of it. and there were times, i think that cleveland called three timeouts because of crowd noise. the ravens are on the road facing steelers in pittsburgh. you can see the game sunday afternoon at 1:00. and the game will be immediately followed by the post game shows. mark viviano will have the highlights and reaction. it's mary, and marty and the bulldog. that's live, here, sunday, wjz- 13. >>> and the hotty between two knot --notties. >> we'll fight breast cancer, dick gelfman ride across america. we made a couple thousand dollars last year. that's a lot of change when you're fighting breast cancer. we'll be at daniel's restaurant, we'll start at 11:00 at the tailgate and we'll watch the game. i'm ducking out and going down to the field house and get ready for the broadcast. we'll grill outside and the weather will be beautiful sunday. down in oakl
' quarterback ben roethlisberger met yesterday and as expected his suspension was reduced from six games to four. eligible to play on october 14th against the browns. good news, but this didn't help, byron, who section expected to start in big ben's absence, will reportedly miss two to four weeks with a sprained acl. and north carolina will be without 12 players. six of them are starters. the players have been suspended for violating school and or ncaa rules. one of them's potential first round pick marvin austin, a stud on the defensive line. hopefully he's able to come back very soon. that's your morning sports. i'm dan hellie, everybody have a great weekend. >> we will, dan. thank you. >>> baby pandas have always gar nerned attention from this region but take a look at this 5-year-old panda. she gave birth. this is live video. this is her first litter and the first surviving litter for cub's father luke. they will have time to examine the cubs and monitor her as she adjusts to raising her cubs. >> i could watch that all day, watch that little cub rolling around. and he just missed the cutoff
won 10-9 without quarterback roethlisberger. tom brady through three touchdown passes but the play of the game was made by tate. high stepping up the middle and gone. untouched, 97 yards. patriots won a shoot-out 38-24. like brady, the giants' eli manning also threw three touchdowns, all of them to hicks. the giants christened their new stadium with a win over the panthers. things didn't go well for eli's brother peyton. the colts defense steamrolled by the texans aryan foster. three touchdowns, 231 yards on the ground, not too shabby for a guy who spent last season on a practice squad. texans won it 34-24. and finally, kevin durant led team usa to their first world championship in 16 years. shot the lights out from beyond the arc. the durant finished with 28 and named the tournament mvp. the usa won the world championship 81-64 over turkey. that's your "first look" at sports, i'm fred roggin. >>> rebounding after a tragedy can often seem impossible but after years one california man is now smiling and with the help of his friends riding the wave. chris chan from knsd 7/39 in dag h
. for the record, on friday, nfl commissioner roger goodle reduced rot roethlisberger's suspension and they'll go with anything without checking it. >> and will the me be the first with that, to be relieved of that duty. listen, one of the problems those of us who operate in the mainstream media are also expected to operate in a much looser environment where the rules really don't apply if you're going to be effective and it's going to be a class that's going to continue to get our colleagues in trouble. >> i think the rules apply. i don't think the fact it's on twitter ab solves you of the journalistic being truthful. whether you're blogging or putting it on twitter or facebook or dead tree newspapers, you've got to be right about this stuff and putting it out there and hoping that a falsehood gets perpetuated throughout the media one reason the public doesn't trust the press. >> jon: and another story via twitter, the discovery channel gunman, he fired a shot and took three homes. now, eventually he was shot dead by police after negotiations stalled. the three edges who were freed without injur
and the ravens are hoping to spoil that dream. they'll play the steelers sunday and ben roethlisberger won't be on the field as he sits out his game and you can watch the ravens taking on the steelers in pittsburgh this sunday. it will be followed by the post game shoes and mark viviano will have the highlights and reaction. and we'll have football talk and a big day of football, this sunday, live, here on wjz-13. >>> all right, coming up on coffee with. we'll be joined by "the good wife." and that also stars josh charles. if you've been watching, she'll throw you a nice bone chew. something to think about. and that's a scary gin rummy player. we'll have more and huge problems on the westside. and we have first warning weather. huge problems on the radar. that's when we return. [ female announcer ] remember this promise? [ man ] martin o'malley -- taking on bg&e to stop the rate hikes. [ female announcer ] never happened -- your bill went up 72%. and o'malley gave the bureaucrat who approved the rate hike a huge raise. now martin o'malley promises we're moving forward. the fact of the matt
. mendenhall took the handoff, ended up with a 50-yard td run. pit won without kwsh roethlisberger. tom brady through three touchdown passes but the play of the game was made by tate. high stepping up the middle and gone. untouched, 97 yards. patriots won a shoot-out 38-24. like brady the giants' eli manning also threw three touchdowns. the giants christened their new stadium with a win over the panthers. things didn't go well for eli's brother peyton. steam rolled by the texans. three touchdowns, 231 yards on the ground, not too shabby for a guy who spent last season on a practice squad. texans won. and finally durant lead team usa to their first world championship in 16 years. shot the lights out from beyond the arc. durant finished with 28 and was named the tournament mvp. the usa won the world championship 81-64 over turkey. that's your early look at sports on "early today," i'm fred roggin. >>> who won at the box office this weekend? your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. plus after years away with a little help from his friends, he is back to riding the waves. yo
into a steelers team that's undefeated. they don't have ben roethlisberger that's suspended. that's not a problem with pittsburgh because they've been winning. part of a 38-13 pittsburgh win over the bucks. meanwhile the defending super bowl champion new orleans saints suffered their first defeat. garrett hartlett missed a kick. so they brought up matt stover as a kicker, they're weighing their options. >>> and buck shorwalter's birds left some opportunities. batista has 52 home runs in the season. simon and shorewalter were both ejected. it's the orioles and the tampa bay rays in florida, tonight finally. how about a golf shot worth $11 million. jim furrick needed to do that. he needed to putt it close enough to the hole to give him a chance for par. he stepped up, millions of the dollars on the line he nails it. furick get it is bonus $10 million for the play offs. it's his third win of the year but by far the most valuable. and the wife is going to go do some shopping. >> she's going to get a ,,,,,,,, >>> and tonight at 10:00, a new episode of hawaii five-0. >> don't go away, much more >> cour
the vicks, the roethlisbergers? >> you do see a lot of negative thing about players in the nfl. it is such a small minority. >> reporter: the quarterback matt ryan attended this year's summit along with many others. >> good things players do within the communicate, taking care of themselves, financially sometime get lost. >> if you have to second guess yourself, if you're going to question yourself shrk i be doing this, will my family reap the nastiness of me choosing this decision or is my name going to be tarnished? >> reporter: but it is about more than public perception. this year's sum offered lessons on how to invest, which charities to give to, which endorsements to take. >> the football field, they've got a lot of good counseling for many years and dog getting it here. some of the life transition, life skills, they haven't. so we can add value there. >> there three years, i believe that's how long it takes an nfl player to lose the money that he made in the nfl. >> this window, especially playing football, can be short sometimes. you have to make that transition from co
. they know what we're going to bring to the table. here we go. >> ben roethlisberger mae rains under sus -- remains under suspension. >> all right. the ravens are on the road this week to face the steelers. you can see the game at 1:00 live right here on wjz 13. it will be immediately followed by our post game show. a beg day of football on -- big day of football right here on sunday. >> i'll be interested in your report, mary bubala. >> you will? i'm in a split household. we'll prevail. >> still ahead, fatal accident. a charter bus goes off the road in bethesda killing one person. children were on board. >>> a certain pest is invading the country, including here in baltimore city. what health authorities say you have to know to prevent your house from being infected. >>> heavy rain and high winds headed for maryland. the updated first warning forecast with bob coming up. -,( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses
. >>> pittsburgh steelers ben roethlisberger could be back on the grid iron sooner than thought. big ben was saw speaned for six games for -- suspended for six games. today he will meet with nfl commissioner. the league will review his behavior since he was accused of sexually assaulting a georgia college student in march. it's suspected it will reduce his suspension from six games to four. >>> the red sox win the series against the orioles. with the o's down by 2. rookie josh had the chance to turn the game around. the red sox win three games of the four game series. o ass lose 6- -- o's lose 6-4. the 18-year-old beat her opponent yesterday. she's the youngest player left in the winner's bracket and she's also the lowest ranked. her next match will be against maria. >>> the ravens look to finish the preseason on a perfect note. but with a big names out of the mix, turned out to be ha little bit of -- to be a little bit of a struggle. >> reporter: good morning. it's good games like this don't count because it was a sloppy night. third stringer troy smith started at quarterback while joe watched
roethlisberger got his final punishment from the nfl. >>> speaking of punishment, major league baseball tells nyjer morgan he'll sit for a nyjer morgan he'll sit for a yeah, but... what.. happened to the back there? well, here's the thing: this was the only "sporty two-seater" they had on my budget. uh-huh. and the seats go all the way back. (announcer) settling for less is not smart. what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. for the money you'd spend on a stripped down new car, you could get a fully loaded, guaranteed-quality used car at carmax. now more than ever, the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? >>> how long did you stay up last night? which quarter did you miss? we saw it all. she didn't. >> we were up the whole time. and enjoyed it. we talk about it before. these young guys were really playing for their careers. it
-- penalty, just reduced. the four games roethlisberger will miss, including a meeting with the ravens, october 3rd. playing host to a college clash monday. navy and maryland will meet. it's the first meeting between the two since they played five years ago. it was a tight game, where the terps won with a comeback. terps are fired up for another shot at the midshipman monday. >> i mean, the whole state is excited about. you cant go -- can't go anywhere without somebody being excited about the game. >> we're excited. getting back on track. last season ended, you know, pretty bad. and you know, as a senior and me and adrian trying to go back. >>> navy is considered the busying team. still kicking off labor day monday at 4:00. >>> the first overtime game in college. pittsburgh's first possession in overtime. fast picked up by utah's brian blecken. chip shot field goal that would give utah the victory. 27-24 overtime on the first night. and should tell you, towson opened the season last night with a loss at indiana. and morgan state will play at buoy tomorrow night. orioles and rays, highl
: if there were more program, do you think we wouldn't hear about the vicks and the roethlisbergers? >> you do see a lot of negative things about players in the nfl, but it's such a small minority. >> reporter: matt ryan attended the summit along with other falcons players. >> the good things players do within the community, taking care of them financially, sometimes it gets lost. >> if you have to second-guess yourself, should i be doing this or is my family going to reap the nastiness of me choosing this decision or is my name going to be tarnished? >> reporter: but falcons u is about more than public perception. the brainchild of the owner arthur blank, this summit offered lessons on how to invest, which charities to give to, which endorsements to take. >> on the football field they have a lot of good counseling and are getting it here, great coaching. but some of these life transition, life skill areas, they haven't and so we can add value there. >> in three years i believe that's how long it takes an nfl player to lose the money that he made in the nfl. >> this window, especially playing foot
month. he sent out a tweet on monday saying the ffl commissioner would reduce ben roethlisberger's six-game suspension to five games. he later admitted it was a hoax and he says he did it to test the accuracy of social media reporting. >>> a huge chunk of rock pulled out of the ground at a north carolina farm t could be worth a fortune. the emerald was covered in rows of corn. the stone was cuts and recut. it is now about a fifth of the original emerald and a new york gemologist says it is the largest cut emerald found in the united states. >>> a new look for the oval office. it got a makeover while the first family was on vacation in martha's vineyard. workers installed new wall paper, sofas, lamps and a rug. it fee you ares it quotes by abraham lincoln, f. kennedy and martin luther king. the president's inaugural committee and the white house historical association is paying for the makeover. >> looks good. >>> we have something new coming to movie theaters to help your waistline. >> coming soon, calorie counts at concession stands. the question is do you really want to know? >> not
-0 on the titans just like that. joe, troy and pam? >> joe: they are already 1-0 without ben roethlisberger and a good start on special teams for the steelers today. out of the shotgun. pass is caught and now tipped into the arms of d.j. moore. what a hit on miles austin and an early turnover! austin had it, got smacked, and d.j. moore comes away with a pick. >> troy: well, they have miles austin working the inside. this is versus a roll corner so because of that, charles tillman is able to come off of his outside receiver and be there to put the hit, then on miles austin. as you said, d.j. moore in a perfect position then to make the interception. >> joe: somehow able to corral it before it hit the turf. the second-year player our vanderbilt comes away with an early turnover. now the bears take over at the dallas 23. they started in a wildcat formation and now shift cutler back under center. and hand it to forte. forte on first down gets six. there are a lot of bear fans in attendance here today, and they are making noise here early and that is not good news for the starting left tackle ch
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